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About Me

Before Covid, I was a professional musician. I studied bass guitar in the Netherlands. Being a musician taught me a lot about learning and practicing, because that's what you do - you sit in your little room, no sunlight, practice your instrument, and try to get better.

Covid left every musician in Germany pretty much workless. A great opportunity to pick up some new skills! So, I started learning to code in March 2020. It's been my new passion ever since.

There are a couple of ideas that I took from studying bass guitar, and applied them to coding, which helped me to learn quickly:

I like to learn about first principles.
I want to completely master my vocabulary.
I try to learn by imitating others.

With this blog, I want to share what I did and what I'm doing, explain my challenges, archive my learnings and answer questions that I had on my journey.

If you like that, and you want to read about it, just visit regularly!
I try to write one post a week.


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